Inauguration Ceremony

14:00 Registration
14:30 Guests to be Seated
14:35 Recitation of Holy Quran
14:40 Welcome Address by. Prof. Dr.Syed  Farman Ali Shah, Chairman
14:50 Address by Prof Dr Hafeez ur Rehman  Dean (Faculty of Engineering)
15:00 Address by: Guest of Honor
15:15 Address by Chief Guest
15:30 Presidential Address by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of E & T Jamshoro
15:50 Vote of Thanks by Prof Dr Zeenat M Ali Conference Secretary
16:00 Tea Break

DAY - 1, MONDAY, 22 JANUARY 2018 


Session – 1

Environmental Engineering

Session -2

 Materials and Applications

Session Chair

Dr. Mehfooz Soomro

Session Secretary

Dr. Shagufta Ishtiaque

Session Chair

Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Memon

Session Secretary

Irfan Ahmed Memon

Time: 16:00 – 18:30

16:30 to 16:45

Key Note Speaker

Effect of cathode electrode on performance of Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells

Key Note Speaker

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: from Materials Research to Commercialization.

By: Mostafa Rahimnejad

By: Prof. John Zhu

16:45 to 17:00

Key Note Speaker

Leaching of phthalate esters from different drinking stuffs and their subsequent biodegradation

Key Note Speaker

Value Added Product Recovery From Clay Minerals For The Economic Development Of Pakistan - Nagarparker Kaolin Resources

By: Farah Talpur, Muhammad Surhio, Shafi Nizamani, Hassan Afridi

By: Suhail A. Soomro

17:00 to 17:20

Key Note Speaker

Annealing studies of Zinc Tin Oxide nanoparticles hydrothermally synthesized at lower temperature

Key Note Speaker

Development of highly porous carbon Nano composites derived from coconut shell and its in vitro efficacy of ochratoxin A detoxification

By: Muhammad Najam Khan, Joydeep Dutta

By: Muhammad Zahoor

17:20 to 17:30



Absorption potential of charcoal and sand: A Low cost potable

Electrochemical determination of roxarsone on amberlite XAD-4 modified carbon paste electrode

By: Asia Neelam, Omm-e-Hany

By: Muhammad Waris, Jameel Ahmed Baig, Sirajuddin, Tasneem Gul Kazi

17:30 to 17:40

Use of Water Quality Indices and Geospatial tools for assessment of Groundwater Quality in Thatta District, Pakistan


Estimation of Water Corrosive and Scaling Nature Using Langelier Saturation Index with Results Validation

By: Ghulam Shabir Solangi, Altaf Ali Siyal, Muhammad Munir Babar, Pirah Siyal

By: Shaheen Aziz, Talal Ashraf, Ahmed Palari

17:40 to 17:50

Evaluate the prevalence of intake of essential and toxic metals in childbearing women of Tharparkar

Synthesis of graphene supported FeAg and its antibacterial activity

By: Faiza Korejo, Dr. Tasneem Gul, Dr. Hassan Imran

By: Ayaz Ahmed, Xuong Guo

17:50 to 18:00

Evaluating the performance of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Steel Mill Karachi

3D electrospinning scaffold for directing stem cell fate

By: Ghulam Farooq Rajar, Rasool Bux Mahar, Azizullah Channa, Kundan Kumar

By: Rabel Talpur, Aqsa Qambrani, Uzair Abbas

18:00 to 18:10

Development of electro-coagulation unit for wastewater treatment

Synthesis of metal oxide nanostructures by low cost solution process for optoelectronics applications

By: Kundan Kumar, Maryam Maqsood, Azizullah Channa, Sheeraz Ahmed Memon, Ayaz Ahmed Mahar

By: Muhammad Yasir Khan


18:10 to 18:20

Courtyards as a Solution In Green Architecture To Reduce Environmental Pollution and to Conserve Energy

Development of composite catalyst and its catalytic performance in FCC cracking

By: Mehwish Soomro, Sabeen Shah

By: Nurudeen Salahudeen, Abdul Karim S. Ahmed

18:20 to 18:30

Comparative study of fruit waste potential for the treatment of synthetic wastewater

Comparative study of silicon nanowire and carbon nanotubes field effect transistors in ballistic transport field effect transistors in ballistic transport

By: Sajid Hussain Mangi, Sheeraz Ahmed Memon, Khan Muhammad Brohi

By: Ayesha Shouqat, Farhan Elahi, Rahila Umer


Development of environmentally sustainable dyebath formulation for dyeing cotton fabric with reactive dyes

Effective Recycling of Commercial multilayer polymer packaging by compatibilization technique

By: Kashif Khan, Awais Khatri, Azizullah Channa

By: Muhammad Sadiq, Maryam Sultana, Irshad Ahmed


Sounding out- handling by-products and waste from slaughterhouse: a case study of Hyderabad

Rapid and optimum production of halal gelatin from Ossein Solution using continuous stirred tank reactor

By: Ammara Kaynat, Ali Raza Khoso, AishaSakrani

By: Muhammad Uzair Haris, Muhammad Alam


Preservation of Structural Remains at Moenjodaro against the Micro Environmental Degradation especially the infiltration of soluble salts

Synthesis of Mono and Bi-Metallic Nanocatalysts (NCs) and their applications

By: Mr. Muhammad Afzal Brohi, Prof Dr. Bhai Khan Shar

By: Aamna Balouch


Occurrence of different organisms in drinking water and its toxicity level

Heavy Metals Chemistry related with Human Physiological Disorders

By: Bushra Nasir, Faisal Hussain, Zarwish Bhatii and Kazim Tanveer

By: Hasan Imran Afridi, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Farah Naz Talpur


Analyzing The Effects Of Managed Pressure Drilling On The Rock Mechanics Of Shale Formation

Deflouridation of water using Elctrospun Nanofibers

By: Ubedullah Ansari, Prof. Dr,Yuanfang Cheng, Dr. Abdul Haque Tunio

By: Aamir Abbasi, Sheeraz Ahmed Memon, Farooq Ahmed, Zeeshan Khatri,

Umair Qureshi


Performance Evaluation of Reverse Osmosis Plants in district Hyderabad

Disaster of arsenic via ground water of Tharparkar, Sindh

By: Muhammad Awais, Rasool Bux Mahar, Azizullah Channa, Kundan Kumar

By: Professor Tasneem Gul Kazi

DAY - 2, TUESDAY, 23rd JANUARY 2018 


Session – 3

Materials and Applications

Session -4

 Environmental Engineering

Session Chair

By: Prof. John Zhu

Session Secretary

Dr. Yaseen Shaikh

Session Chair

Dr. Tufail Sheerazi

Session Secretary

Dr. Tajnees Pirzada

Time: 09:00 – 11:00

09:00 to 09:10

Key Note Speaker

Anthranilic Acid Derivatives: Novel Inhibitors of Advanced Glycation End Products (Ages) Formation

Key Note Speaker

Degree of Flocculation and Interparticles Charges of Conditioned Municipal Activated Sludge using Mixed Polymers

By: Dr. Iqbal Choudhary

By: Salam Khadim Hassan Al- Dawery

09:10 to 09:20

Key Note Speaker

Value Added Product Recovery From Clay Minerals For The Economic Development Of Pakistan - Nagarparker Kaolin Resources

Key Note Speaker

To Encourage The Higher Usage Of Recycled Concrete Aggregates

By: Suhail A. Soomro

By: Vivian W. Y. Tam, Mahfooz Soomro, Ana Catarina Jorge Evangelista

09:20 to 09:30

Key Note Speaker

Polymeric Organic Flocculent: Synthesis, Characterization and its effect on Turbidity removal of river water

Key Note Speaker

Preliminary Study on impact of Nobel Material Electrode on Battery Performance and Corrosion Resistance

By: Prof. Dr. Zeenat M.Ali

By: Ali Nawaz Sanjrani

09:30 to 09:40

Key Note Speaker

Response of Potassium-Use-Efficient Cotton Genotypes to Soil Applied Potassium


Key Note Speaker

Hazards And Safety In Chemical Industry

By: Zia-ul-Hassan, M. Arshad, S.M.A. Basra, I. Rajpar, A.N. Shah , S. Galani


By: Abdul Razzaq

09:40 to 09:50

Bucky Paper – A material that can revolutionize the aeronautical industry

Synthesis of Arsenic tagged tailored polymeric material for remediation of contaminated drinking water

By: Tanzila Younas, Usama Bin Haq, Arsal Abbas

By: Muhammad Saqaf Jagirani, Aamna Balouch, Sarfaraz Ahmed Mahesar

09:50 to 10:00

Preparation, Characterization, and Properties of Polyethylene Composites Partially Filled With Calcium Carbonate through Co-Rotating Conical Twin-Screw Extrusion

Assessment and technology selection for exploiting energy/material from the wasted crop residues and animal manure in taluka Mehrabpur Sindh

By: Amjad Wahab, Muddasar Habib Amad Ullah Khan

By: Abdul Razzaque, Allah Dino

10:00 to 10:10

Fortitude of paracetamol in aqueous solution based on novel magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers (MMIPs)

Essential trace and toxic element distribution in the scalp hair of Pakistani Myocardial infarction patients and control

By: Sajjad Ali Chang, Abdul Jabbar Laghari, Waqar Ali Chang

By: Hassan Imran Afridi, Tasneem Gul Kazi

10:10 to 10:20

Mesoporous Nano-SNO2 particles with highly porous carbon derived from green microalgae for lithium-ion batteries

Ventilation System: A Tool For Energy Conservation In Homes Of Hyderabad

Asif Raza, Abdul Qadeer, In Wook Nah, Joongki Lee

By: Sabeen Shah1, Mehwish Soomro

10.20 to 10:30

Experimental approached of Albumin Based Bioplastic and its properties

Road Traffic Congestion and Environmental threat to Urban Population in Karachi

By: Asia Neelam, Shagufta Ishteyaq, Syed Junaid Mahmood, Omm-e-Hany

By: Kishan Chand Mukwana, Saleem Raza Samo, Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani, Muhammad MureedTunio

10:30 to 10:40

Industrial Process for Synthesis of ZnO Powder using Wet Chemical Precipitation Method

Natural Geochemical Conditions Of Aquifier At Downstream Kotri Barrage Hyderabad, Sindh-Pakistan

By: Faizan Umer, Mujtaba Hussain, Umair Ahmed, Engr. Muhammad Saqib Iqbal, Dr.Muhammad Yasir Khan

By: Yaqoob Iqbal Memon, Imdad Ali Kandhar

10:40 to 10:50

Thar water quality improvement with indigenous china clay as adsorbent

Damage analysis of steam generation tubes at LPGCL (Khanote)

By: Junaid Korai, Manzoor ul Haq Rajput, A. K. Ansari, H. L. Soni

By: Ahmed A. Latif, Dr. D. M. Pathan, Dr. M. I. Abro

10:50 to 11:00

Synthesis of flavonoid-tagged imprinted material for the selective extraction of anthocyanin from indigenous fruit and vegetable wastes

Application of a hazard and operability study method to hazard evaluation of plastic film manufacturing unit

By: Muneeba Zubair, Dr. Aamna Balouch, Dr. Farah Naz Talpur

By: Muhammad Faisal Akhter, Haseeb Hassan, Amjad Saleem, Shagufta Ishteyaque


Development of Sensitive And Selective Electrochemical Sensor For Hydroquinone Using Zno Nanostructures

Arsenic Removal From An Aqueous Solution Using Waste Tea Fungal Biomass

By: Sirajuddin, Munazza Arain, Ayman Nafady

By: Muhammad Shuaib Shaikh, Khadija Qureshi, Ashfaque Hussain Pirzada, Zulfiqar Ali Solangi


The Analysis Of Estrogen Hormone From Surface And Domestic Wastewater In Hyderabad City

Looking into key success and/or failure factors of RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants: A case study of Hyderabad district

By: Ghulam Mustafa siyal, Sheeraz Ahmed memon, Azizullah channa, Rafi-zaman¬¬

By: Bilal Ali1, Zahid Ali Memon, Asif Ali Shah, Ghulam Ali Rahoo


Safety Hazards At Copper-Gold Saindak Mining Project

Seasonal Variation and Source Identification of PAHs in Surface Water and Sediment of Pinyari Canal in Hyderabad Region

By: Saleem Raza Chalgri, Muhammad Burhan Memon, Agha Mohammad Shafi Pathan, Waqar Hussain Kazi, Fida Hussain Channa

By: Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui, Uzma Imran, Asmat Ullah, Shoaib Ahmed, Razia Begum, Sohail Shaukat


CO2 Adsorption Behavior Of Monoethanolamine, Tetraethylenepentamine And Polyethylenimine Functionalized Si-MCM-41

Assessment And Removal Of Cyanide Through Activated Carbon Process, From Effluent Of Iron And Rolling Industries At Site Area Hyderabad

By: Sohail Ahmed, Anita Ramli, Suzana Yusup, and Muhammad Shuaib

By: Arif Hussain Jauto, Sheeraz Ahmed Memon, Azizullah Channa, Bilal Ahmed


Drying Of Potato, Okra And Biterguard In Solar Dryer With Temperature Control

Assessment Of Quality Of Water And Sediments At KB Feeder And Mehran University Water

By: Aisha Kouser, Zulfiqar Ali Effendi, Dr. Shaheen Aziz

By: Azizullah Gabol, Syeda Sara Hassan, Rasool Bux Mahar, Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui, Shoaib Qureshi

11:00 to 11:30 Tea Break


Session – 5

Process Control And Simulation

Session -6

Fuel and Energy

Session Chair

Mostafa Rahimnejad

Session Secretory

Dr. Younis Laghari

Session chair

Khalid Mohammed Khan

Session Secretory

Dr. Suhail Ahmed Soomro

Time: 11:30 – 13:30

11:30 to 11:40

Key Note Speaker

An Improved Mathematical Model For Computing Power Output Of Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Key Note Speaker

Review Of ‘Oriels’ As Passive Design Strategy For Energy Efficiency

By: Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani, Saleem Raza Samo, Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh, Jane Labadin, Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit

By: Irfan Ahmed Memon, Dr.Sabeen Qureshi, Mehwish Soomro, Sabeen Shah

11:40 to 11:50

Key Note Speaker

Effects of Co formation, no Emission and Static Temperature on combustion of Various Coal Slurry Compositions by using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Key Note Speakere

Performance and Emission Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine by using Different Blends of Castor Biodiesel

By: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Suleman Tahir

By: M. M. Tunio

11:50 to 12:00

Key Note Speaker
Membrane Technology: An approach towards Process Intensification (PI)

Key Note Speakere

Energy Densification of Biomass Using Torrefaction


By: Saeed Gul

By: Naveed Ramzan, Umair Aslam

12:00 to 12:10

Development of Adsorptive Membrane for Removal and Reclamation of Chromium from Tannery Wastewater

Baseline study on biodiesel potential of onion waste

By: Abdul Rehman Memon, Adnan Ali, Maria

By: Fayyaz Salih, Najma Memon, Zeeshan Khatri

Shabeer, Rahat Hayat, Zubair Ali

12:10 to 12:20

Identifying the Critical Equipments at Lakhra Power plant by applying ABC analysis

Hydro deoxygenation of rubber seed oil over mo/h-y zeolite catalyst for the green diesel production

By: Wali Muhammad Brohi, Dr Dur Muhammad Pathan

By: Mariam Ameen, Mohammad Tazli Azizan, Suzana Yusup, Anita Ramli

12:20 to 12:30

To study the Column Hydraulics and analysis of Ordinary Distillation of Close Boiling Hydrocarbons Using ASPEN Plus

Evaluation of Chemical fractionation of selected transition metals before and after burning of coal samples from Lakhra coal field Sindh

By: Mujtaba Ashraf, Maham Hussain




By: Mustaqeem ur Rahman, Tasneem Gul Kazi, Huma Shaikh

12:30 to 12:40

Dynamic Simulation of Packed bed Adsorption column for Melanoidins Removal from Distillery Effluent Using Coal fly Ash Adsorbent

Renewable Electricity Generation from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in Pakistan

By: Shoaib Ahmed, Syed Farman Ali Shah, Imran Nazir Unar, Kaleemullah Shaikh

By: Asim Ali, Rasool Bux Mahar, Syed Tufail Hussain Sheerazi

12:40 to 12:50

Combined experimental and computational approach for health assessment of engineering components with mechanical and Chemical damages

Revamping of Isomerization Unit to Enhance Octane Rating of Light Naphtha To Produce High Octane Gasoline

By: Muhammad Kashif Khan, Muhammad Ali Abro

By: Bakhtyar Ahmed, Jahanzaib Khan, Bushra Anwar, Keenjhar Taj

12:50 to 13:00

Electrochemical Determination of Urea using NiCo2O4 Nanoneedles modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Energy And Exergy Analysis Of Unit#2 Of 50MW Of Lakhra Coal Power Plant (FBC) Jamshoro

By: Sidra Amin, Amber R. Solangi., Zafar Hussain Ibupoto, Alberto Vomiero

By: Jawed Ahmed Jamali, Abdul Ghafoor Memon, Khanji Harijan

13:00 to 13:10

A Deterministic Mathematical Model for the Optimization of Capacity Constrained Production System

Degradation of di-benzothiophene from coal. Current and future perspective

By: Karim Bux Indher, Zeenat M.Ali, Shakeel Ahmed Sheikh, Abdul Qayoom Lakhair, Anwaruddin Tanwari

By: Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Shaheen Aziz, Suhail Ahmed Soomro

13:10 to 13:20

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic quantitation of total transfat in fried vermicilli

Development of laboratory scale Microbial Fuel Cell for Electricity Generation from Tannery Sludge

By: Sarfaraz Ahmed Mahesar

By: Muhammad Qasim Anwar, Noman Ali Markhand, Muhammad Ayub Ansari, Shohaib Ahmed, Fida Hussain, Abdul Sattar Jatoi

13:20 to 13:30

Selective removal of anions from aqueous system using HTC supported TiO2 nanoparticles adsorbent

Effect of pyrolysis biochar addition on the biogas production kinetics of food waste under high organic loading

By: Benazir Laghari, Aamna Balouch

By: Asad Rajput, Munawar Ali, Muhammad Jahanzaib


Simulation of Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) from Thermal Power Station Jamshoro by AERMOD Dispersion Model

An Overview of Unconventional Hydrocarbons

By: Uzma Imran, Kaleemullah Shaikh

By: Temoor Muther, M. Jawad Khan, Hammad Ahmed, Shahnawaz Soomro


Simulation and Optimization of extractive dividing-wall column for Bioethanol dehydration using Aspen HYSYS

Torrefaction of biomass co-firing with coal

By: Mairaj Muhammad, Imran Nazir Unar, Abdul Rehman Memon, Shaheen Aziz

By: Tabish Ali Jamali, Ameer Hamza, Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Mohsin Din Indher


Modeling and optimization of small scale spiral blade vertical axis wind turbine(VAWT)

Washability studies and characterization of Pakistani LVC coal cleans (coking sample) by float – sink tests

By: Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammad Sharif Jamali, Laveet Kumar Hafeez Khoharo

By: Engr Fahad Mir


Mitigation of corrosion Problem at NRL to optimize Crude Distillation unit

Solid Waste to Syngas

By: Syed Danish Rasool

By: Syed Muhammad Ishaq , Asif Ali Khan , M Yasir Khan


Investigation of Operating Parameters on the Performance of CSTR for Production of Propylene Glycol Using CFD

Study of Kinetic parameters of coal combustion at various condition in Thermogravimetric analysis

By: Aazad Nizamani, Muhammad Uzair, Imran Nazir, Zulfiqar Ali Solangi, Naveed Koondhar

By: Salah ul Uddin, Imran Nazir Unar, Shaheen Aziz, Khalil u Rahman


Improvement in Barrier Properties of   Low Density Polyethylene Films(LDPE)

Impact of air staged, co-combustion of Quetta coal with rice husk and wood powder on combustion emissions and burnout in a Drop Tube Furnace

By: Shagufta Ishteyaque,  Aziza Aftab, Arshad Faruqui

By: Muhammad Ali, Aiysha Sehrish, Javaid Akhtar, Khurram Shahzad, Shahid Munir


Synthesis of Naringenin imprinted biocompatible cryogel and its applications

A Delphi Based Criteria for Ranking the Renewable Energy Resources of Sindh Province for Power Generation

By: Aasifa Memon, Ayaz Ali Memon, Huma Shaikh

By: Zohaib M. Samtio, Nayyar Hussain Mirjat, Pervez Hameed, GorhanDas Valasai, Hira Soomro


Evaluation of hydrochar efficiency for simultaneous removal of diclofenac and ibuprofen from aqueous system using surface response methodology

Coal Gasification Technology and Efficient Utilization of Coal Resources in Pakistan

By: Tahira Qureshi, Najma Memon, Saima Q. Memon, Abdesadek Lachgar

By: Sharafat Ali Mangi, Aakash Luqman Jhatial, Azhar Ali Mangi, Dr. Mazhar Hussain Mangi


Simulation of Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) from Thermal Power Station Jamshoro by AERMOD Dispersion Model

Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery from Gas Condensate Reservoir   with High CGR

By: Uzma Imran, Kaleemullah Shaikh

By: Jahangeer Zafar, Suhail A. Soomro


Performance Evaluation Of Solar Dryer By Drying Onions

Hydrolysis of sunflower and cotton seed oil by selected lipases

By: Zainulabideen, Shaheen Aziz, Aisha Kousar, Rehan Ali, Aziz Ahmed

By: Sidra Khan Mahesar, Dr. Farah Naz Talpur, Dr. Aamna Balouch


Acid hydrolysis of rice starch, separation and analysis of protein by kjeldahl method from “irri broken rice”

Impacts Of Adulteration Of Low Tax Chemicals In Gasoline

By: Basim Ahmed Shaikh

By: Hafiz Adeel, Suhail A. Soomro, Shaheen Aziz

Time: 13:30 – 14:00, Lunch and Prayer Break


Session – 7

Bio and Food Scinecs

Session -8

Materials and Processing

Session Chair

Dr. Muhammad Suleman Tahir

Session Secretory

Dr. Kishan Chand

Session chair

Dr. Ambar Solangi

Session Secretory

M. M. Tunio

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

14:00 to 14:15

Key Note Speaker

High-Efficiency Carbohydrate Fermentation for Ethanol Production from Thermophilic Strain of Kluyveromyces Marxianus

Key Note Speaker

Discovery of Novel Urease Inhibitors for Treatment of Peptic Ulcer


By: Prof. Dr. Shaheen Aziz

By: Khalid Mohammed Khan

14:15 to 14:30

Key Note Speaker

Production Of Biofuel From Lignocellulosic Biomass Waste Of Palm Fiber Empty Fruit Bunch

Key Note Speakere

Chemical pollution and its effect on Fisheries

By: Shuaib M. Laghari, Zeenat M. Ali, A. J. Laghari

By: Muhammad Younis Laghari

14:30 to 14:40

Key Note Speaker

Determination Of Sugar And Antioxidant Level In Date Seed Using Spectrophotometric Techniques

Manganese oxide coated on granular activated carbon for catalytic decomposition of aqueous hydrogen peroxide


By: Ghulam Qadir Shar, Ammat-ur-Rehman Soomro

By: Asif Raza, Danish Altaf, In Wook Nah, In Hwan Oh

14:40 to 14:50

Nutritional assessment of different lentil varieties for preparation of protein rich biscuits

Smart Imprinted Materials For Selective Recognition Of Toxic Ions in Aqueous System

By: A.H. Soomro, G. Saleem, S. A. Sheikh, N. Rashid, S. Khaskhel

By: Ameet Kumara, Aamna Baloucha, Ashfaque Ahmed Pathan

14:50 to 15:00

Estimation of bio methane potential (bmp) through anaerobic co-digestion of buffalo and poultry dung

Study of kinetics and mechanism of different iron ores with H2 as reductant

By: Manzoor H.Rajput, Farman A. Shah, Abdul Khalique Ansari, Abdul Razaque Sahito, Farooq Ahmed

By: A. K. Ansari, H. L. Soni, Zeeshan A Hameed

15:00 to 15:10

Phytochemical contents of lemon zest as affected by guar gum-based edible coatings enriched by essentials oils for active food packaging

Effect of Deformation on Martensite Transformation in Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

By: Ayeza Naeem, Tanveer Abbas, Tahira Mohsin Ali, Abid Hasnain

By: Umair Aftab, Imtiaz Ali Soomro, Aitizaz Ahmed, Arif Ali, Umair Khan

15:10 to 15:20

Biodiesel production from waste fish for sustainable clean energy development

Green synthesis and characterization of silver Nano particles

By: Zainab Hilal Darook Al-Baloushi, Mr. Ganesh Patel

By: Kishore chand, M.Ishaque Abro, Umair Aftab, Shoukat Ali Noonari and Mukesh Kumar

15:20 to 15:30

Ethanol production from sweet potatoes

Functionalized UiO-66 Sulfonated ISA Membranes for Gas Separation

By: Yousif Ali Sohu Dr: Aziza Aftab

By: Zaman Tahir, Dr. Asim Laeeq Khan

15:30 to 15:40

Microbial contamination in drinking water and its control

MOF-5 based mixed matrix membranes for solvent resistant nanofiltration

By: Faisal Hussain, Muhammad Abid, Iram-us-Salam and Farzana

By: Muhammad Raees and Asim Laeeq Khan

15:40 to 15:50

Biodiesel synthesis through efficient heterogeneous MgO nano catalyst

Application Of Magnetorheological Fluid For Prevention Of Gas Migration In Cement Slurry

By: Saman Sabir, Aamna Balouch, Farah Naz Talpur

By: Hamad Ahmed

15:50 to 16:00

Casein Replacement In Imitation Mozzarella Cheese With Modified Corn Starch (HDP)

Analyzing the impacts of Lean tools and techniques on the efficiency of manufacturing organizations

By: Hadiqa Iqbal, Abdul Rahim Shamim, Maria Ahsan, Sana Abdullah, Tahira Mohsin Ali

By: Faheem Ahmed, Shakil Shaikh, Tanweer Hussain, Kanwal Zehra


Production Of Bio-Diesel By Reactive Distillation: Simulation, Analysis & Design

Hydrothermal Carbonization Of Biomass

By: Muhammad Arsalan and Muhammad Alam

By: Ameer Hamza, Sajid Riaz, Tabish Ali Jamali, Abdul Sattar Jatoi


Use of Microorganism for Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery can reduce pollution & increase the production

Assessment Of Gases Emitting In Lakhra Coal Mines (LCM)

By: Sharafat Ali Mangi, Azhar Ali Mangi, Azhar Hulio, Faisal Hussain Memon

By: Fida Hussain, Abdul Razaque, Safiullah Memon, Muhammad Burhan Memon, and Saleem Raza


Drinking Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas of Nawabshah tahsil , and treatment  Sindh

Study of Hydrodynamic Drag of Different Fluid - Particle Systems

By: M.A. Noor Zaman,  Abdul Raheem Shar and Ghulam Qadir Shar

By: Shahzad Shaikh

16:00 to 18:00

Concluding Ceremony



Guests to be Seated


Recitation of Holy Quran


Report of Confernece with Recommondations by Prof. Dr. Zeenat M. Ali (Conf. Secretary)


Comments by Prominent Participants


Address by Guest of Honor, Mr. Amin Rajput, Managing Director (SSGC)


Address by Chief Guest, Mr. Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Minister for Culture and Tourism for Govt. of Sindh.


Presidential Address by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of E & T Jamshoro


Distribution of Certificates & Souvenirs.


Vote of Thanks by Prof. Dr. Syed Farman Ali Shah (Confernece Chairman).



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