Key01Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: from Materials Research to CommercializationProf. John Zhu
Key02Effect of cathode electrode on performance of Sediment Microbial Fuel CellsMostafa Rahimnejad
Key03Biomass Conversion to Biofuels and Bio-based Products via Green TechnologyProf. Dr Suzana Yusup
Key04Degree of Flocculation and Interparticles Charges of Conditioned Municipal Activated Sludge using Mixed PolymersSalam Khadim Hassan Al- Dawery
Key05To Encourage The Higher Usage Of Recycled Concrete AggregatesVivian W. Y. Tam1, Mahfooz Soomro, Ana Catarina Jorge Evangelista
Key06Discovery of Novel Urease Inhibitors for Treatment of Peptic UlcerKhalid Mohammed Khan
Key07Polymeric Organic Flocculent: Synthesis, Characterization and its effect on Turbidity removal of river waterZeenat M.Ali
Key08Chemical pollution and its effect on FisheriesMuhammad Younis Laghari
Key09Production Of Biofuel From Lignocellulosic Biomass Waste Of Palm Fiber Empty Fruit BunchShuaib M. Laghari, Zeenat M. Ali, A. J. Laghari
Key10High-Efficiency Carbohydrate Fermentation for Ethanol Production from Thermophilic Strain of Kluyveromyces MarxianusShaheen Aziz
Key11Review Of ‘Oriels’ As Passive Design Strategy For Energy EfficiencyIrfan Ahmed Memon, Dr.Sabeen Qureshi, Mehwish Soomro, Sabeen Shah
Key12Leaching of phthalate esters from different drinking stuffs and their subsequent biodegradationFarah Talpur, Muhammad Surhio, Shafi Nizamani, Hassan Afridi
Key13An Improved Mathematical Model For Computing Power Output Of Solar Photovoltaic ModulesAbdul Qayoom Jakhrani, Saleem Raza Samo, Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh, Jane Labadin, Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit
Key14Performance and Emission Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine by using Different Blends of Castor BiodieselM. M. Tunio
Key15Value Added Product Recovery From Clay Minerals For The Economic Development Of Pakistan - Nagarparker Kaolin ResourcesSuhail A. Soomro
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